Covid-19 - Safe Holidays

Now, more than ever, we need to breathe, get some fresh air and enjoy the freedom of being able to taste life! Together again, as a family. In safety.

At Pé no Monte we live all year round with our family. And we believe that it is possible to share this corner with you again. But we only make it sure that we have taken all measures to prevent and control the spread of covid-19. So come. But be aware that, although much has changed, the essence and magic of this space remains the same. I would even say, better. We followed the guidelines of our local and national health entities, Turismo de Portugal, from WHO and implemented new measures, routines and procedures.

1) Measures taken:

- CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: Not only in apartments and rooms but in all common spaces, we have increased cleaning care and invested a lot in disinfection. We have created more than 20 points spread across our space with disinfectant gel, with more than 70% alcohol, so that our guests and staff can use it regularly. The cleanliness of the rooms and apartments follows the recommendations of the DGS and Turismo de Portugal in this matter.

- PROTECTIVE AND DISINFECTING MATERIALS available to all employees: reusable masks, disposable aprons, protective visors, alcohol gel, cleaning and disinfecting products, bleach. Available to our guests (on request): alcoholic gel, 1 pair of gloves and a mask for each guest.

- STAFF TRAINING: All employees received training on the new procedures adopted and what to do in case of suspected virus.

- CHECK-IN: Advance payments remotely; key cards for rooms and apartments disinfected before delivery; temperature measurement with infrared thermometer of guests on arrival (our staff is monitored daily); information during the visit, as soon as you arrive at Pé no Monte, about the new procedures and location of the alcohol gel points.

 - BREAKFAST AND MEALS: For the safety of everyone and to prevent possible infections, we no longer have the buffet service, but individual doses are now being prepared for each family. The quality and variety to which our guests are accustomed are maintained and we have increased the level of personalized service. The day before, a sheet will be provided with all the options available at breakfast, so that you can choose according to your preferences and that we can take you to your apartment at the chosen time. If you stay in one of the rooms, the procedure is the same but we will be waiting for you at the restaurant with your order prepared at the agreed time, allowing the necessary distance between each family, ensuring maximum security. We will continue to provide lunches and dinners under prior reservation, now without buffet service but with table service or take-away to your apartment.

- RESPONSIBLE DISTANCING: Our staff will maintain a minimum safety distance from each other. We also ask that you do the same with the other guests. Fortunately our project is quite large, with a huge lawn of more than 2,000 m2 and several leisure areas separated from each other, which allow everyone to enjoy the freedom to spend pleasant holidays outdoors, ensuring maximum security.

- SWIMMING POOLS: The two outdoor pools at Pé no Monte are with salt water, and chlorine is produced by electrolysis, so we will keep salt levels at the upper limit of the allowed range in order to guarantee a maximum level of disinfection possible and recommended. The areas surrounding the pools will be regularly disinfected with surface disinfectant. Each of the pools will have 5 shaded zones around each other, each with two sun loungers (either by parasols or by the pergola in one of the pools). This measure assumes the use of a maximum of 5 families at the same time, in each of the pools, in order to avoid large crowds of guests in these areas.

- CHILDREN: They will continue to be our priority. We believe that if they are entertained playing healthily, parents can also enjoy moments of sharing but also of rest. We will continue to provide many options for you to have fun! But now with increased security. The playground, the sandbox, the football goals, the games room with ping-pong and table football, the trampoline, the bicycles, the games and books ... all will be disinfected very regularly! And to ensure that they are like that when they reach your children's hands, we have implemented additional measures to ensure maximum disinfection. Games, bicycles, soccer balls and table football, ping-pong rackets, toys for the sand corner, etc. they must be requested at the reception and delivered after use, so that they can be immediately disinfected by our staff before being handed over to another child.

- INFORMATION SHARING: We have created a manual / protocol with all measures for the prevention and control of spread, with greater detail of the measures that we briefly present here and the respective action procedures. This manual will be available to all guests in their accommodation units, so that they can read it carefully. Our staff received specific training on each of these measures and we carried out tests in each of the areas.

- EMERGENCY: In the case of symptoms that indicate a possible infected with covid-19, we created a room with a private bathroom and an individual protection kit that will serve as isolation until the competent health entities arrive at our space, minimizing any risk of Contagion.

2) When ?!

We are working hard so that we can reopen on the 15th of May, with all these measures already implemented and tested.

We thank you for your trust and hope to see you at Pé no Monte very soon! Thank you and see you soon !!

Lena & Gonçalo